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The Solution

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Speakal Net empowers people who stutter to speak freely by offering a virtual reality environment that extends therapy, and allows users to practice speaking in real-world scenarios, before moving on into the real world, thus overcoming fear of failure and social anxiety. 

The Gap in Speech Therapy

Most therapy programs today do not include real-world practice as a routine. There is a gap between therapy in the clinic (supportive environment) and the real world (intimidating environment).

Speakal Net is Bridging this Gap

By offering an innovative virtual reality (VR) environment, designed to help people who stutter to practice real-life scenarios, comfortably, before moving on into the real world.

Speakal Net's Unique Features
  • Smooth transition from clinic to real world

  • Virtual world is safe and non-intimidating

  • Gamification enhances users’ compliance

  • Can be used in the clinic or at home

  • Personalized and dynamically adaptive

  • Positive and encouraging feedback

  • Progress reports to user and therapist

  • Designed by a team of experts

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