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Speakal Net empowers people who stutter to speak freely by offering a virtual reality environment that extends therapy, and allows users to practice speaking in real-world scenarios, before moving on into the real world, thus overcoming fear of failure and social anxiety. 


The company was established by Efraim Rozen, a person who stutters, who had been exposed to various interventions methods, initially as a stutterer and later on as a carer for other stutterers. Efraim is currently applying his many years of experience for helping people with speech disorders and emotional issues.

In addition, our team includes experts in the fields of technology development, speech therapy methods, digital health transformation, virtual worlds and gamification.


Speakal is developing an innovative virtual reality environment to help people who stutter to practice speaking in real-life scenarios, in a convenient, encouraging and rewarding way.


Speakal system can be used in the clinic or at home, locally or remotely through tele-therapy.


It offers unique personalized experience for each user, with remote monitoring and reporting capabilities for therapists.


Stuttering (or stammering) means interrupted or blocked speech. It affects the flow, rhythm, and speed of speech.

Stuttering affects 1% of the adult population and 5% of children.



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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Yokne'am Illit, ISRAEL

Email: info@Speakal.Net 

Tel: +972-58-5226767

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